SHERIFF skid plate made of steel and aluminium
for almost all brands: A (as Alfa Romeo) up to V (as Volkswagen)
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Skid plate SHERIFF powered by SGS

Go often off the beaten track and have always a sinking feeling in my stomach that you could damage the sump, gearbox, axle differential or handlebar a rockfall, rock or other foreign object?
Than we are your right partner!

We distribute the probably widest range of underbody protection systems for cars, SUV, SUVs, vans and ATV in the market.

SHERIFF skid plates are developed in collaboration with automobile manufacturers or importers.
The largest market is Eastern Europe and Asia, and this is where the SHERIFF products are tested by the customer in use every day.

More than 150,000 skid plates leave the monthly production and can be found short time later at her place under the vehicle.